Commercial Building Plans in Elgin, IL

Silva Architects Ltd. is primarily a commercial architect specializing in commercial office, retail and industrial architecture; however, our capabilities extend to high-end, custom design for residential homeowners. We also offer land planning, space planning, interior design and office space programming, to ensure our designs adequately reflect the challenges of each project.

Thanks to our experience across all types of projects and our firm’s flexible approach to creating
commercial building plans, we provide Elgin, IL clients with unique solutions that fully satisfy their needs and expectations.


We design office buildings for companies of all sizes and types, with emphasis on space programming to maximize our designs to meet your business’ unique spatial demands. Our experience also extends to retail spaces, with emphasis on design to embody the unique nature of your business.


From specialty facilities to huge industrial buildings spanning tens of thousands of square feet, our capabilities are scalable to meet the needs of your project. We have experience working in tandem with contractors, design-build firms, developers and more, to ensure our architectural plans result in superior facilities.

Land Planning

We offer land planning consultation as part of the architectural design process. We can help you make efficient use of your land and ensure building design conforms to zoning requirements and that any obstructions or deviations on the land are accounted for during the design process.

Space Planning

Space planning is a vital part of the architectural design process, and ensures the fundamental design of your building’s interior matches your needs and expectations. We take a careful approach to space planning and programming, to produce functional, accommodating designs for our diverse Elgin, IL clients.

Custom Residential Architecture

While we specialize in commercial building plans, our capabilities also extend to custom residential plans. Let us design a luxurious, sophisticated home you’ll love to live in and help you explore design options that embody your tastes and preferences.

We’re not just a commercial architect

At Silva Architects Ltd., we’re not just a commercial architect, we’re problem-solvers committed to providing you with architectural plans that are well-thought-out and uniquely configure to meet the challenges of your development. For more information or to discuss the details of your project, reach us today at 847-841-1500.